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Among Lynx - Time

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Among Lynx - Time

This review was originally published in July of 2018.

Harmonica, electric slide guitar, and a massive blues vocal a bit like Alabama Shakes; it's a roots mixture, with a deep respect for the core elements that created rock and roll. There's a strong melodic hook, some dominant chord side-stepping, and plenty of doubled-up riffs.

It's not just the instrumentation that brings to mind mid-century blues, but the main theme played by the guitar, and the way that lead vocal dances around the central figure. These are the same elements that birthed the Rolling Stones, the same kind of zeitgeist that would sit Clapton next to Page at a Hendrix concert. Among Lynx has a new take on the gritty high-energy roots of rock music, and has reassembled the same elements that created a blues craze 50 years ago. Let's hope they are on to something.

AMONG LYNX is an all-girl roots rock band from Sweden. This song is currently featured on our Roots Collection playlist.