We Out Here is the follow-up to Almost Owen’s previous singles, One Lucky Man and One in a Million, which have garnered roughly 250,000 streams since their release earlier this summer. This latest drop feels like the soundtrack to your favorite teenaged memory: bikinis, kiddie-pools, day-drinking, and your mama's bedroom is a hotbox.

We Out Here is an endearing breakdown of that youthful sense for finding a party in every aspect of your life. These days are numbered, my friends - let's make every one count. Almost Owen extends his pop-friendly sound into the commercial space and connects with a universal instinct to celebrate life. We Out Here is an anthem for the socialites among us, and that moment when you set your troubles aside.

Mixed by legendary engineer Dave Pensado, We Out Here is the summer song you’ll be listening to long after the summer is over. This song is featured on our Deep Dance playlist.