This post was originally published in November 2018.

Drawing her inspiration from artists like Julien Baker, Bon Iver, and Brandi Carlisle, Alidade finds a sense of purpose and inserts her own voice into the story of her life. Connecting to what gives your life a sense of direction is the basis for this song, as Alidade retraces the steps of her own personal wanderings.

As part of coming to terms with her past, it seems necessary to uncover old wounds, and let them finish hurting so that she can heal:

“Tell me - is this
what you meant by burning?
Because this is
what I meant by burning.”— Alidade

This burning - the idea of finally facing our own demons - is different for everyone, but the core is the same: take the lesson, swallow the pill, and move on.

Alidade is a singer-songwriter from Providence, Rhode Island. This song is featured on our Country playlist.