Perfect for your Monday morning chill, this new track from Australian producer Alexander Wright takes off right away with a little bit of swing, some backbeat, and the swirling digital-flange of a synthesizer. With a smart use of breaks Wright creates a new dynamic floor, from which we rise up into the groove, only to disintegrate once again.

What remains is a circular sense of rhythmic catharsis, a bit like lungs cycling through the process of inward and outward flow. The production elements are well-delivered, and this mix pinpoints a beautiful sense of balance between melodic narrative and syncopated ear-candy. Metamorphosis, the latest from Alexander Wright, is a smooth minute feeling the connection between downtempo percussion, a kick-drum pulse, and tuneful synth artistry.

Alexander Wright is a producer, mixing and mastering engineer from Australia. He currently lives in the United States. This song is featured on our Instrumental Hip Hop playlist.