This post was originally published in November 2018.

The tracks from Alexander Wren’s sophomore EP, Assorted Love Songs, out now via Peptalk Presents, are a wonderful collection of Americana-leaning styles. With Don't You Go Fallin', the emphasis is on a slow, triplet-country feel that paints images of creaky wood porches, summer breezes, and cold lemonade on a palate of whispered revelation.

Originally from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, it is clear that the decision to skip college and head to Nashville is already yielding dividends for Wren. The roadhouse persona, the I’m-too-gritty-to-be-loved lone-wolf with one hand on the truth and the other on a bottle, is all there. It’s the barroom soundtrack to a dusty unrequited love; the room is half-lit, and the night is thick with secrets:

“Girl let me talk to you straight
well I call my demons by name
this six-string I’m strumming
she is my ball-and-chain
so girl let me save you the pain”— Alexander Wren

Alexander is a young talent based in Nashville. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.