It's a walk in the afternoon sunshine; in the style of an Elliot Smith, Alex Siegel makes groove entirely out of a guitar strum and the barest of drum kits. The soft-spoken lead vocal combines with a rich assortment of acoustic embellishments to create a thick forest of plucked strings swaying beneath the airy falsetto.

Using a warm and delicate mix that balances piano against dry drums and some layered vocals, Siegel warns us not to be too careful in life. Remember to follow the signs:

“There must be a reason
why you never left my mind
I’m a daydreaming pilot,
flying blind
to you...”— Alex Siegel

This washy toe-tapper for a hazy summer day would make Brian Wilson proud. The melody sets up a great hook and it's always over too fast.

Alex Siegel is a singer-songwriter from Santa Monica, California.