With a fuzzy guitar chop that brings back memories of the first Black Keys record, indie-rocker Alex O'aiza drops a new single called Money. The message is perhaps self-evident, which is simply that corporations don’t love you. They just want your money.

It bears repeating, because as humans we look at everything through the lens of anthropomorphism. After all a corporation; a business; a government; these are all objects of our intellect. Why should they have power over us? And conversely, why do we imbue these deeply artificial institutions with the semblance of love, and security - especially when they do a horrible job at making us feel loved, and safe?

The steady pulse and a healthy dose of truth-telling transform this straight groove into a vital statement about life in a state of constant spin.

Mexican-American Alex O'aiza is a solo artist from Dallas, Texas with a mission to inspire power in the masses by encouraging them to become the change they want in their lives. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

From the artist:

“Money was co-written with my close friend Austin Shawn in Nashville and was the start of a new sound and new direction for my artistry,”" explains O’aiza. “It was born out of a political debate between Austin, his girlfriend, and myself, where we ended up wrapping up the conversation with the conclusion that the current American government prioritizes big business over the lives of their own constituents.”