Dreamy Electro Pop from Nashville. - Alex Di Leo: Youth (Music Video)

Dreamy Electro Pop from Nashville. - Alex Di Leo: Youth (Music Video)

After Alex Di Leo moved to Nashville from his hometown in Southern Florida, the 23-year-old musician found himself thrown into an endless cycle of eye-opening experiences, relationship struggles, and bad decisions. With a new batch of music written on tour with artists like Max Frost and Cody Lovaas, Di Leo channels all that chaos and self-discovery into beautifully-crafted pop songs that explore complex emotion with a mesmerizing sense of style.

"Youth" explores the conflict between recklessness and blind romance, while coming to terms with the impermanence of love itself. As days go by, we understand the difference between real attraction and a simple fear of the unknown. In the cognitive battle between confusion and adventure, Di Leo locks on to the roots of personal deliverance, and finds inspiration in the dark confines of a doomed intimacy. Drenched with dreamy electric-guitar riffs and a laid-back, moody vibe, this introspective electro-pop track from Alex Di Leo is the perfect soundtrack for your new beginning.

Put the phone down, missing your calls now
Cause I can’t come up with a new excuse
On the road now, don’t wanna slow down
Cause I don’t wanna fight like we always do

Alex Di Leo is originally from Fort Lauderdale. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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