This piece was originally posted in February of 2018.

Alec Todd is a young songwriter from Utrecht in the Netherlands. I like him because he takes risks; the Dutch call it G-Funk.


“Utrecht songwriter releases his 2nd single ‘We’ll Never Forget’. With Helena van der Veen in the lead, the single-inspired G-funk is presented in an emotional lyrical video clip. In the video you can see how Helena gets emotional. The role of Helena tells the real emotion behind the cheerful single.At the beginning of 2017, Alec Todd decided to join up with Roy van Rosendaal to record his concept EP ‘The Man in the Hammock’;’We’ll Never Forget’ is the second single from this EP.”— FTM Top Music

This song of his is a favorite right now. I keep wanting to hear it again. Seems like no one has really discovered it yet because it has almost no plays. Enjoy!

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