Alchemy is home to the Annual Dickens' Feast in Ashland, Oregon: doing the holidays right. We love supporting this holiday tradition which began in 1982 and features Santa, Scrooge, and the Winchester Singers.

Celebrate the holidays with this special six course feast, which runs for the three weeks preceding Christmas every year. Tomorrow is the last one; reservations required! Feel free to check on availability here.

In many ways, this quirky and fun long-form dinner celebration exemplifies all that is wonderful about Ashland: it is artistic, unique, musical, and steeped in tradition. There is a sense of humor that informs the evening, as well as a celebration of life that is infectious - and the food is delicious. Highly recommended. The songs that are featured vary, and there are 4 between-course interludes (if I remember correctly) of 2-3 songs each. It makes for a fantastic experience, as you can see from the videos below. I wanted to be considerate of the table behind me, so I didn't record every song. It was certainly a night to remember, and the first date night I have had with my amazing wife in quite a long time, for which I am very grateful.

Alchemy Restaurant & Bar and The Winchester Inn are located at ‍‍‍35 S 2nd street in Ashland, Oregon.