AIR APPARENT, aka Neil Sethi, is inspired by dream interpretation and representation in some of his favorite movies. He aims to make music that feels dream-like, existing in the space between reality and pure imagination.

“My sound for this upcoming EP is inspired by the concept of dreams. Dreams have always fascinated me," Sethi says. "I love how dreams bounce between feeling surreal and hyperreal, all due to some electrical signals firing in your brain while you’re asleep."

The smooth sound of downtempo pairs well with an electro-pop flavor, and Pornostar records artist Victoria Richard croons beautifully about overcoming anxiety and finding a personal sense of bravery. In a larger sense, AIR APPARENT's goal is to bring more of an Asian identity into popular music, as nearly every culture has rich musical traditions but somehow Asians still constitute a tiny minority among musical artists in America. With latest drop Not Afraid (feat. Victoria Richard), AIR APPARENT hopes to raise awareness of other identities and experiences in the music industry, and to encourage others to showcase their art. This bright pop-jam might just be what you needed to rediscover your personal strength.

AIR APPARENT is an Indian-American producer from Atlanta, Georgia now based out of San Francisco. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.