Prog Rock Meets Folk. - Aerialists: Group Manoeuvre II

Prog Rock Meets Folk. - Aerialists: Group Manoeuvre II

A beautifully naturalistic and scenic video accompanies this acoustic folk piece that feels as much art-rock feature as instrumental opus, and the investment in a listen will yield rich rewards. A long intro keeps a strong pulse going from that straight drum groove, and the rest is magic between piano, guitar, and rhythm section, while a fiddle rounds out the 5-piece sound.

With the entrance of the lead vocal from Emily Millard, the final shift into pop formation occurs, and we see what has been built. A Celtic influence in the fiddle performance adds vibrancy to the mix, and the vocal melody is immediately welcome.

Each golden day is a shifting skyline. Only constant change with a view that’s not mine.

Aerialists have a name for their signature blend of traditional folk, acoustic, and progressive rock influences: they call it prog-trad. Under any label, it is an inviting mix of exceptional musicianship, folk-rock, and an infectious sense of freedom.

Nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for Emerging Artist of the Year, Aerialists meld their ferociously creative harmonic sensibilities and deep love for folk traditions into a post-rock sound that they call prog-trad. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Americana playlist.


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