aboutagirl is a rising pop duo made up of Tom Mann and Lostboy, two young but well-established writers that came together to create their own alternative take on contemporary music. Joining an electronic groove with some funky flavor and a message about staying in the game, KaMiKaZe is a fun jam that plays on the dynamics between a minimal groove and a hushed-vocal verse style, along with a killer hook for the chorus.

This song was written about dealing with paranoia: people talking badly about you, and the idea that you don't need to hear it. This unique combination of lyricism and eclectic beat-making is sure to expand the audience for aboutagirl from the dance-club markets of Santiago, Mexico City, and their native London to the rest of the world.

Shoreditch’s Bache’s Street has been overtaken by a KaMiKaZe mural to coincide with the single’s release this Friday. Incorporating the vivid colours of the single’s bold artwork, fans are encouraged to post their own photos with it using the hashtags #KaMiKaZe and #aboutagirl.

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.