Groundbreaking Indie Folk from Toronto. - Abigail Lapell: Down By The Water (Music Video)

Groundbreaking Indie Folk from Toronto. - Abigail Lapell: Down By The Water (Music Video)

Abigail Lapell sings hauntingly gorgeous, modern folk songs, with an intimate and deliciously fluid affinity for simple melody. Latest single "Down By The Water" is from her newly released third album, "Getaway," and delivers an enigmatic message of spiritual aspiration with the stripped-down sound of a single acoustic guitar, set against a heavenly duet with Dana Sipos.

You can call it prairie noir, or Canadiana desert rock: this is the evocative poetry of a traveling soul with countless stories to tell about the complexities of the human heart. "Down By The Water" explores the rich symbolism of renewal and redemption, with a touch of biblical allusion, and a circular cadence that recalls the sing-song aesthetic of simpler times. Within the beautiful vocal counterpoint, we find a metaphor for our own, hidden sense of yearning, as we survey the twin touchstones of individuality and communion. For Getaway, Lapell spent time in the mountains, digging through her vault of unreleased material, and ended up with dozens of road songs to choose from. With help from Christine Bougie (Bahamas) on lap steel, Dan Fortin (Bernice) on bass, and Jake Oelrichs (Run With The Kittens) on drums, along with many others, Lapell expands the scope of her musical identity to achieve an exciting mix of sonic tonalities. Alongside an enduring reverence for the sound of Appalachian folk music, Abigail Lapell lays out a truly unique blueprint for modern folk-inspired pop music that draws equally from the groundbreaking artistry of Aimee Mann, Lucinda Williams, and Natalie Merchant.

And who will be your one and only
When the days are lost and lonely
And the little blue birds of spring go down to the river to sing
Who will hear their testimony?

"Getaway" was recorded with Stringer at Toronto’s Union Sound studio. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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