Abhi The Nomad - Somebody to Love (Acoustic Version)

A street-vibe, and a sense of youthful urgency inform this lonesome love song.

Abhi The Nomad - Somebody to Love (Acoustic Version)

With a sweetly soul-inspired vocal, and a hollow-body electric guitar, Abhi The Nomad constructs an open wish, a call to the universe for someone to watch the sunset with. A street-vibe, and a sense of youthful urgency inform this lonesome love song.

A certain emotional availability, along with a harsh streak of realism, creates a narrative about loving the moment that is at turns hopeful, and wistful, painting a picture of the future that alternates between sad, and beautiful.

A couple kids, a couple years, a couple dad-hats

As the performance progresses, and the vocal harmonies become more complex, we are given colloquial reasons for pause; and as we cycle through the moments that make up a life, we see a lack of reasons for joy. But we can fix that.

Watch the colors and the lights as they fade, in the comfort of shade

This is a groove-feel in a space that is often very sequenced, and the side-by-side performance does a great job of keeping that visual connection between note and instrument. Even as Abhi The Nomad makes all of the sounds using the magic of overdubs, it still feels live, and very human. Somebody to Love is a heartfelt soul-flow about making the connection with someone that can lift you up, if only for a moment.

Abhi the Nomad is a 24 year old indian boy: dots, not feathers. From Hip Hop to Indie, to indie Hip-Hop, Nomad will blow your mind with his kung fu style and abstract artistry. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.


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