Abe Parker humbly began his musical journey living out of his car after moving to Atlanta from his small hometown of Blue Rock, Ohio. Since then Parker has toured from Maine to California and shared the stage with acts such as Andy Grammer, Johny Swim, Judah and the Lion, and many more.

It is never easy when you realize that someone you were close with was only interested in using you as a means to an end. This trap-influenced, indie-rock beat tells the tale of a broken trust and delivers a powerful message about the dark side of modern party culture. Cool Kid, the latest from Abe Parker, paves a bold path outside the confines of cold perception and acknowledges that our first loyalty needs to be to a visceral truth. In an age of fake news and infinite echo chambers, Parker delivers a simple mechanism for self-adjustment: authentic is the new cool.

I thought I was your friend not your stepping stone.

If John Mayer met Ed Sheeran and they all moved to Atlanta to make a trap beat, that would be Abe Parker. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.