Aaron Taos returns with another music video directed by Taylor Florio, this time with a playful, voyeuristic feel, featuring footage from Angelino Heights and other neighborhoods in the LA area. We have covered his music previously here and here. The theme of Taos' new single "Saboteur" can be summed up in a single quote from Theodore Roosevelt, which is that 'comparison is the thief of joy.'

There is an emotional cost to the phenomenon of Instagram culture and social one-upmanship that comes with a strong temptation towards self-scrutiny, and the ensuing downward spiral of feeling bad for yourself. Especially from the vantage point of Los Angeles, it can feel like a form of oppression to be constantly reminded about the success of others; we are all one push-notification away from feeling inadequate. Taos delivers a musical antidote to the malaise of the modern grind: wherein we explore the world, have fun with our friends, and make something that we can be proud of. Saboteur is a bouncy electro-pop single that explores our inner insecurities, and comes to the rosy realization that our best life is the one we already have.

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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