A Star For You (poem)

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
A Star For You (poem)

What do I see now?
You’ve hidden your freedom
Beneath your desire
The known, the unknown
You have opened up this river
Flowing between love and fear
The answer is that you are blessed
And no one knows better than you
How to build heaven
Do not insult the world
with apologies – the beauty of your
heart never sleeps. Trust
that your voice carries strength
that your decisions are right
because you made them. You
will be loved
as you are now
as you were then
because destiny makes no mistake
you cannot hide from yourself
any more than you can run away
be glad for that precious pain
there is poetry under your skin;
you are aware
of the human tragedy – that we fall
madly through time
towards death
and truth
in the span of 30,000 sunsets
with only love to guide us

how sad
and exquisite

K Axel (090403)