Somewhere in this chaos lives good fortune
Perched beside a campfire
Breathing in the stars
Without numbers
I feel these forces move through me
A lover’s rage and a lonesome hunger
My true north and my blessings
Contented for now
And the flow of these images
Spirals of patience and love
As I drag my possessions behind me
Scraps of mortar and blood

I build myself a landscape
In the image of your grace
Asleep in the arms of innocence
A dream plays across your face

When the smoke has lifted
And the sun never again forgets to shine
Let us both remember such places
A thoughtful summer not quite wasted
Waiting for the lights to change
For one color to bleed into another
For the fuel to catch the flame
May nothing remain the same
Not quite yesterday
And never tomorrow
This nest of sorrows past
Of heaven misplaced

Asleep in the arms of desire
A dream plays across your face

K Axel (031904)