We are now open to submissions for our literary review. Please visit our info page to read the CHILLFILTR mission statement. Send us your best work here. Multiple submissions are fine. There is no submission fee.

All featured works will receive an honorarium of $20 per 1000 words and will be published here and may be featured on our podcast Tell Me a Story. Readers can vote for their favorites by clicking the applause button at the bottom of the piece. Year-end "Best Of" winners will receive an additional $100 cash prize.


What Lies in the Heart of a Reverie but Rapture? - a Short Story by Charlotte A Wynn

Charlotte A Wynn

Broken Flute Cave. - a Short Story by Steven R. Southard

Steven R. Southard

In Beautiful Weather. - an Essay by Lisa del Rosso

Lisa del Rosso

Coffee by the Window. - a Poem by Ava Lansley

Ava Lansley

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Comfort in Life’s Indefinite. - a Poem by Ava Lansley

Love is a blissful state of unknowing.…

Forever (6 Letters) - an Essay by Sofia Bening

An essay about birds, crosswords, my country's mascot, and what they all have to do with the loss of my grandfather.…

Numbers. - a Short Story by David Rogers

Tells the story of people connecting with each other. Technology is at best a tool for connections, not an end in itself.…

Spring Song. - a poem by Alan Cohen

It's spring - at last it's spring.…

Letting Loss In. - a Poem by Alan Cohen

Once we acknowledge loss, we look for something new to take into our hearts.…

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