We are now open to submissions for our literary review. Please visit our info page to read the CHILLFILTR mission statement. Send us your best work here. Multiple submissions are fine. There is no submission fee.

All featured works will receive an honorarium of $20 per 1000 words and will be published here as well as on our Apple News Channel. Readers can vote for their favorites by clicking the applause button at the bottom of the piece. Year-end "Best Of" winners will receive an additional $100 cash prize.

We just opened submissions in May of 2020. We publish new pieces every weekend.


The song of defeat - a poem by Agbiri-onwu chinwendu Elsie

Agbiri-onwu Chinwendu Elsie

We Work! - a Poem by Devon Balwit

Devon Balwit

Native Wave a Poem by Marian Kilcoyne

Marian Kilcoyne

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Niacin - a Short Story by Avital Balwit

A college student develops acute hearing from an experimental depression treatment which puts her on a crash course with her school administration, and eventually with technological noise itself. - photo credit: Alex Perz…

the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice - a poem by Penelope Wilder

Today, in the midst of the most significant social upheaval of an entire generation, this message is deeply appropriate. - photo credit: Spenser…

The Golden Moon - a Short Story by Fatima Okhuosami

A chronicle of love, tragedy, and enduring connection. - photo credit: Jens Lindner…

In The Pocket - a Poem by Paul Smith

This one goes out to all the bass players. - photo credit: Nick Bolton…

Wanted - a Poem by Gale Acuff

A precocious ten-year-old boy searches for the meaning of life. - photo credit: Aaron Burden…

Hunger (a poem by Lanette Ware-Bushfield)

A poem that was written indoors during quarantine while craving movies, travel, fine dining and the great outdoors. - photo credit: Joshua Hoehne…

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