We are now open to submissions for our literary review. Please visit our info page to read the CHILLFILTR mission statement. Send us your best work here. Multiple submissions are fine. There is no submission fee.

All featured works will receive an honorarium of $20 per 1000 words and will be published here as well as on our Apple News Channel. Readers can vote for their favorites by clicking the applause button at the bottom of the piece. Year-end "Best Of" winners will receive an additional $100 cash prize.

We just opened submissions in May of 2020. We will publish new pieces every weekend. For now, enjoy a few works from CHILLFILTR founder Krister Axel.

Drunk Promises Are Hard to Keep: Beginning is Easy - Finishing is Hard.
Emotions are simply the clothes that we wear. They are not flesh. On his last day, my father slept, and did not wake up. I heard his lungs fight for air.
Tell Me How to Feel. - A Note on the Origins of Collective Opinion in the Modern Age.
I yield the remainder of my time to the youngster who speaks, without irony, for an entire generation. Photo credit: @laimannung

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