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In the Beginning

I really didn't start writing until February, 2018. I had the idea for the blog in December, and I had my simple manifesto, but I didn't sit down and write a song review until my piece on Alexi Murdoch. I knew I wanted to get listed on SubmitHub, and I wan't sure go how to do it except that being a playlister looked both fun and easy.

I'm not sure if it is either of those things, but that was the inspiration I needed to reach out to my friend Joel Eckels, who books and runs sound for acts out of Los Angeles, mainly at the Hotel Cafe. We had played together often during the Monday night rounds at Room 5, a now-legendary gathering that used to happen on LaBrea in Los Angeles that brought together a lot of talent.

He sent me some names from that time, because I was hoping to recreate the vibe from that period of my life. I made the playlist, and a few days later I woke up to over 4000 followers on Spotify. Soon after I was able to set up my profile at SubmitHub, and I quickly realized my talents were better used as a blogger. So after some 30-odd feature blog posts, I was able to rebrand my profile as a blog, and not long after that I joined the Really Good Bloggers program.

So far, we just keep growing. We got Alexa ranked after only 45 days online. We keep setting new targets and you keep knocking them down. But the best part is hearing back from the artists.


And now for some notes on our long-term plan