Evocative Chillhop Grooves from Hamilton, Canada. - [zoethecat]: hazy

Evocative Chillhop Grooves from Hamilton, Canada. - [zoethecat]: hazy

Hamilton, Canada-based multi-instrumentalist and music producer Michael Chambers has been working in the music industry since the late 1990's. It was a childhood curiosity about music and technology that led to his first experiments with audio tape at age 12, and after years spent learning classical piano and the craft of audio engineering, Michael has enjoyed a prolific career as music producer and recording engineer.

"hazy" is a laid-back, chillhop-inspired track released by Chambers under the performance moniker of [zoethecat] that fuses an electric piano sample with an evocative, atmospheric vocal sample. Intended to evoke images of a sleepy morning in the big city, "hazy" is the perfect compliment to an afternoon of study, or an extended moment of relaxation. This laid-back groove was designed to emulate the morning experience of being awake and on the street, just before the city comes alive. With an easy groove, a bass-drum heartbeat, and a dreamy electronic piano, Chambers delivers a sonic experience that combines urban style with a spiritual sense of solitude.

This song is featured on our Instrumental playlist.

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