YADAM has lived a life of turmoil. This talented 21-year-old was born in Venezuela, but spent most of his childhood in the US. In 2012, he was forced to return to the country of his birth, during the worst crisis in its history.

Determined to find a way out, he began studying different languages on his own, starting with French, and in March 2017, he won the Alliance Française singing contest that granted him a free ticket to France. While there, he auditioned for "Nouvelle Star" (French Idol) where he reached the finals in December 2017 and was granted an artist visa to remain in the country. YADAM is now ready to release his very first EP, with the support of a very successful fan-led campaign. This tri-lingual, tri-cultural singing sensation has been knocking down barriers for his whole life, and is ready to join the ranks of indie-alt-pop stars like RY X, Banks, Ibeyi, Woodkid, and Rosalia with a hard-earned international career. His soaring vocal delivery joins a heartfelt sense of lyricism that conveys the paradox of life itself: that we only see the truth when it is hidden from us. His sound is reflective, melodic, and inspired by the magical city of Paris in its role as a haven for unique, other-worldly expression.

Ce soir je me sens ivre
Je sens que j’ai le droit de vivre
Peut-être qu’il y a bien une étoile
Qui veille sur nous dessous le voile

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.