Wilder Woods releases his new acoustic video for Someday Soon, which offers us a taste of his visceral artistry, showcasing the deep soul of his passionate baritone. Weaving elements of poetic introspection and self-scrutiny into the dulcet tones of the soft-spoken verse, we are taken unawares by the chorus bellow.

It is the sound of honest surprise, mixed with premeditated catharsis - in the depths of Someday Soon we find a mix of both: as if the themes of this self-talk are tired of being tread upon, yet we still yearn for the message. Forgiveness never goes out of style, and this solo-acoustic performance by Wilder Woods is informed by precisely that sense of self-appreciation. The live rendition of this music video feels so intimate, and the moment is so genuine, that we join in a sense of anticipation for the long arc of redemptive karma. Someday Soon, the latest from Atlantic Records artist Wilder Woods, is the ballad your own heart would write for itself, that joins a sense of honesty with acceptance and the idea that beauty is all around us.

Sometimes the cold wind blows; sometimes the wolves rush in

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.