Just for starters, everything is faster. Everything: my own cloud experience, your page loads, even the mp3s play faster because of Cloudinary. It's a huge, epic, multi-faceted win. Let me explain.

Exhibit A: Tags

Now, you can follow tags separately from one another, because each tag page comes with a dedicated rss feed. It is also easier to dig in regionally, as every post is tagged to a specific region or location. Just click the RSS link, and work it with your favorite reader. Every tag page has one.

Tags are also linked at the top of every blog feature.

Exhibit B: Load Speed

It's worth saying again - the pages load quickly, the scroll moves fast, and the content is now better-optimized for a responsive web experience. The embedded audio loads immediately, and because of the ad-free environment, I think that the CHILLFILTR experience is unparalleled. If you are looking to discover new, exciting, and vibrant music that lives just on the edges of mainstream, this is your place. I will continue to optimize the experience, and for any artist that sends us their mp3, if your art is accepted, you post is permanent. Forever.

Exhibit C: Longevity

Part of what I was so excited about with moving to Ghost is the longevity of the platform. This is my final home for CHILLFILTR content, and your song is the bond. If I accept your song for coverage, and if you send us a streaming link, your post will come down if and when the streaming link dies. That is the main reason that we ask for mp3s - that and the podcast. Submitting your mp3 will guarantee lifetime coverage, and will always make for the best experience when fans listen at chillfiltr.com and on the Apple News channel. Also, that is the only way to be featured on an episode of Indie Music on Tap.

Last Thing

I think some of you really liked the old layout, and I'm sorry it had to go. It didn't support multiple photo formats, and I couldn't get the type to always look good on top of the photos. The new format is cleaner and gives you access to more information. Everything has been simplified and any questions you have should be answered here.