Weekly Winner. - Nervous by Allan Raph

Explores the moment where everything comes together, and we finally have a chance at finding love.

Weekly Winner. - Nervous by Allan Raph

Allan Raph is a Brazilian and Australian singer-songwriter based in Sydney. His debut single "Nervous” was released on his birthday earlier this month, and represents the beginning of a new era in his life.

This upbeat and infectious jam brings to mind the melodic dance pop of Thomas Oliver, with a bouncy bass-line and a soaring falsetto. For Allan Raph, this new track explores the moment where everything comes together, and we finally have a a chance at finding love: yes, timing is everything, but so is perseverance. Allan Raph delivers a half-giddy testament to the power of true connection, and the body high that can come from simply being in the presence of someone exceptional. "Nervous" is a worthy debut from Allan Raph, and features prominently on Spotify's coveted "Monthly Hits" and "Top Hits" playlists, leaving us in anticipation of more to come from this exciting new artist.

It feels like forever
I’m living on this silver lining
ain’t any better
It seems like you made up your mind
Everything was a habit
It was fun now it’s tragic
Ever since you got a man

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

Allan's fans voted him to victory in our Weekly Song Contest.

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