Weekly Song Contest for May 19, 2020

Weekly Song Contest for May 19, 2020

We are getting lots of song submissions now, and I want to open this up for voting. Please feel free to vote for multiple tracks. Clap button courtesy of Applause. I will post a new list every Tuesday. Top songs will get a blog shout-out at the end of the month and a guaranteed playlist spot. Share this page with your friends to collect more votes.

These are the rules:

  1. No Soundcloud songs, because there is no easy way to filter out private links.
  2. No album links, single song shares only.
  3. For now, we support YouTube and Spotify.

If you want me to write in support for a different service, a donation (Paypal or Venmo) might help me get to it faster.

Submissions can be made here - only songs submitted directly to this page are eligible.

Que Pasa? by TOLEDO

Wreck It All by Macey Estes

Outsider by Kayla Cariaga

honest by FLAK (Featuring Michael Hausted & Rosemary Joaquin)

Repeat by Guthrie Galileo

California Sunshine by Michael Cunningham

Extinction by Clean but Tired

Na Na Na by Dj Marlon

peace and quiet by GEF

Full Control? by Port Lucian

Feel Again by Lucy Clearwater

Feel by Underway Project

Langur by Sweet Crude

Desires by Dali Dream

Bright Side by Coco Blunt

Good Enough by Viktoria Vera

Paul Bunyan by Bay

Thank you for supporting independent music. If you have any issues voting, please contact me here.

source photo courtesy of Markus Spizke.


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