Weekly Song Contest for July 7, 2020.

Top songs will get a blog shout-out at the end of the week. Share this page with your friends to collect more votes.

Weekly Song Contest for July 7, 2020.

Hello everyone. We have a big lineup of fresh new tracks this week. Last week's contest is here. As always: feel free to vote for multiple tracks. Clap button courtesy of Applause. We post new lists every Tuesday (this one posted a bit late - sorry!). Top songs will get a blog shout-out and a guaranteed playlist spot. Share this page with your friends to collect more votes.

These are the rules:

  1. No Soundcloud songs, because there is no easy way to filter out private links.
  2. No album links, single song shares only.
  3. For now, we support YouTube and Spotify.
  4. If you sent in more than one song, I picked my fave. :)
  5. If you are not on this list and expected to be, it is because your song has not released yet, or your streaming link was no compatible with my script. :(

If you want me to write in support for a different service, a donation (Paypal or Venmo) might help me get to it faster.

Submissions can be made here - only songs submitted directly to this page are eligible.

Finally Abducted by IIAMDON

Song For The Less Fortunate by RJ

Mask (Hold on) by Alexis NoBox

Lost In Paradise by Whesli

The Sea by Art Block

Quarantine Disco by Somberry

Pain by Datura

By The Sea by The Bay Tree Studio

Anchor by Cold Haven

Come Upstairs by In Earnest

Walking in my shoes by The Soir

South by Arliston

Ocean Side by Joey Edwin

Price by King V

Heart To Break by Danger of Drowning

Rocket by Dee GOAT

Off The Bench by Roots Raddix

Cold Shoulder by Russell Patterson

Warrior by Kashmysuccess


Genesis (Let There Be Love) by Eric Bolton

Big Dreams by Kai Exos

Running From Water by Flying Rabbit

Living In Limbo by Natalie Good

Thank you for supporting independent music. If you have any issues voting, please contact me here.

Cover photo courtesy of Felix Koutchinski.


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