This post was originally published in October 2018.

A hip-hop flavor to the drum mix using that intermittent hi-hat, and a simple distressed electric piano melody, lays a foundation for this soul singer’s fire to rise from. Wander Marchal is back with another indie-electro single, using a deep and boomy kick drum, and a hooky melody that reminds me a bit of Gin Wigmore.

That walking synth bass and the vocal sample create an electronic overlay, and as usual with Marchal the texture of the groove and the lead vocal itself is infused with grit and style. It’s a clever and punchy chorus, and an interesting message about the things we do for love.

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire
where there’s love, there’s a liar
where there’s blood there’s pain
where there’s tears there’s rain”— Wander Marchal

Wander Marchal is a singer-songwriter living in New York City.