This here is a straight mix of Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth. It’s a beautiful mess, barreling down a rocky hill, punching itself in the face. I love it.

It’s just the right attitude out of the gate: a Bonham-style heavy tom sound, lots of ride cymbal, and a lead vocal that hits the perfectly-poised disaffect. 30 years ago this girl smoked a pack a day and rode a motorcycle; today she has a bunch of tattoos and drinks wheatgrass. But it’s the same soul of a youthful just-one-more-for-the-road: it is a spicy melange of fuzz-guitar, big drums, and sing-shout.

Fear is a part of our lives
It takes control of our minds

Fat Cat, the latest from Walking Bicycles, is an instant classic for the DIY noise-pop scene in Chicago.

Walking Bicycles have been making records together for the better part of two decades. Their latest release is Chooch. This song is featured on our Hi Energy playlist.