Our favorite artists for the 4th week of November, 2019. Konata Small, Two Feet, Pinto Bennett, Hansom Ēli, Jordan MacKampa.

Hard Rock and Hip Hop Mashup Featured in Fortnite Chapter 2. - Konata Small: Ruckus
Ruckus has quickly catapulted Konata Small into the musical stratosphere, with gamers and sports-fans alike getting instantly hooked on this high-octane mash-up of hard rock and hip hop.
Dark Indie Electro from NYC. - Two Feet: BBY
An atmospheric tapestry of rock guitar, electronic groove, and personal catharsis that moves between dark indie-electro and downtempo.
Idaho Country Roots Legend. - Pinto Bennett: I Like Singin’ the Blues in a Honky Tonk Song (music video)
Rings true as a testament to the roots music that Bennett has made all his life: not too complicated, full of heart, and gritty as hell. art credit - Javier Vega
Bilingual Indie Pop with Flavors of RnB. - Hansom Ēli: Monet
Moves effortlessly between languages and achieves a beautiful sense of stylistic poise - you’ve never heard anything quite like it.
Indie Soul-Pop from the UK. - Jordan Mackampa: Parachutes (music video)
Delivers a masterpiece of romantic deconstruction, as we confront the realization that sometimes we must jump without knowing where to land.

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