Our favorite artists for the 3rd week of November, 2019.

Buttery Downtempo Soul from Berlin. - Ben Esser: Stripes ft. emawk
Stripes touts a refreshing simplicity, combining an introspective lyricism with a sense of electronic rapture.
Unforgettable Indie Pop from Nashville. - Savannah Sgro: Friends With Your Girlfriend
Leverages an honest and disarming soprano against a heartfelt lyricism that draws from universal touch-points of daily life.
Sizzling Electro Pop. - Rat City x Kiesza: Naked (With My Headphones On) [Music Video]
Kiesza is back with a new creative fire and a personal commitment to putting love and vulnerability first.
Dream Pop for a Lonely Heart. - Esmé Patterson: Light In Your Window
Explores the complexity of a desire to feel connected to something that no longer exists, and makes peace with the slow rhythm of emotional recovery.
Melancholic Piano Pop from Kansas City. - Anson Seabra: Last Time
Anson Seabra combines a melancholic sense of narrative with an instinct for melody that does not disappoint.
Nostalgic Indie Pop from the UK. - Beau Diako: Buttermilk ft. emawk
This breakout track from Diako introduces us to a wide range of influences: indie, jazz, folk, electronic, and soul music all have a place at this celebration of moody eclecticism.

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