Our favorite artists for the 2nd week of January, 2020. Tuarrah, Discrete x Sistek, Jordy Searcy, Yes Please, Mdnite.

Temperamental Indie Pop from Brooklyn. - Tuarrah: Palimpsest
The chorus bursts with emotional catharsis, as we casually observe both the arbitrary hand of inspiration, and the savage invariance of historical record.
Explosive Electro Pop from Stockholm. - Discrete x Sistek: Typo (ft. Tudor, Voss)
The attraction featured in this explosive track is both dramatic and dangerous.
Broken Hearted Soul Pop from Nashville. - Jordy Searcy: friendship?
Echoes the modern fusion of a broken-hearted Donny Hathaway with the pop-savviness of John Mayer.
Soul Infused Anthem to Infatuation. - Yes Please: Bikini Bottom
Showcases both a light touch and serious premise: a lonely man will do just about anything to turn his luck around.
Inspired Electro Pop from Boise - Mdnite: Shot The Moon
This smooth combination of vintage synth tones with electronic beats delivers the promise of a bright future for this electro-pop duo.

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