Our favorite artists for the 1st week of January, 2020. bandanna, Lunis, GOLDEN, Kate Vogel

Powerful Indie Pop from Tallahassee for Fans of Big Thief. - bandanna: Epilogue
The truth is a poor substitute for self-congratulation, but it has a better shelf-life.
Poetic Electro Pop from Brittany. - Lunis: Fleur au pisto (Music Video)
“Fleur au pisto” combines hints of carpe diem optimism, beautiful vocal harmony, and a talent for songwriting that glistens with style and substance.
Melancholic Indie Pop Catharsis from a Bedroom in Brooklyn. - GOLDEN: Sunburn
Sometimes, the hardest thing about loving someone is finding out who they really are; nothing ever really changes. Sunrise, sunset, just try not to get burned.
Emotional Folk Pop from Nashville. - Kate Vogel: The Cycle
Offers a blueprint for anyone that struggles to process emotional hardship without falling victim to a sense of helpless victimhood.

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