Our favorite artists for the 4th week of December, 2019. Flipsyde, Deca & Neon Brown, MzUki, JES, Lauren Sanderson

Uplifting Hip Hop from Oakland. - Flipsyde: Imagine Peace
A pop-friendly hip hop track that delivers a message of hope and healing, supporting the core theme of love - as a benevolent force for solidarity.
Hip Hop Collab Breathes New Life into 80′s Classic from John Carpenter. - Deca & Neon Brown: Zick? (Music Video)
Captures, perfectly, the moment when human consciousness discovers itself, and begins to understand the battle it is losing against the narcissistic robot-hands of free-market capitalism.
Electro Pop from Australia Mixes Fantasy with Raw Femininity. - MzUki: Unicorn (Music Video)
At once both rhythmic and ethereal, “Unicorn” leaves the listener with no choice but to rejoice in the celebration of divine possibility.
A Vulnerable Moment with Billboard Dance Chart Hit Maker. - JES: Imagination (Acoustic Video)
“Imagination” presents JES in a moment that is at once her most vulnerable, and unsurprisingly, her most beautiful.
Poignant Electro Pop from Indiana. - Lauren Sanderson: To the People I Hurt (Music Video)
A poet in her own right, Sanderson shows us that art can be both tough and beautiful.

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