Our favorite artists for the 3rd week of December, 2019. Nick Wilson, Aaron Taos, Zerbin, Paper Towns, Shannon Clark & the Sugar

Wistful Electro Pop from the UK. - Nick Wilson: Say It Now
A moment of painful catharsis: when the little things add up to something that can no longer be ignored, and we all at once know that freedom is the only choice, however difficult.
Bouncy Electro Pop from Los Angeles. - Aaron Taos: Saboteur (music video)
Wherein we explore the world, have fun with our friends, and make something that we can be proud of.
A Powerful Mix of Electro Pop and Personal Catharsis. - Zerbin: Twenty Nine
A powerful mix of electro-pop and well-incubated personal catharsis adds depth to the sonic footprint of this prolific musical artist.
Acoustic Indie Folk from Europe and Australia. - Paper Towns: Steal You Away
A unique and refreshing brand of acoustic folk-pop that shines a light on the enduring connection between lovers.
Heartfelt Americana from Ohio. - Shannon Clark & the Sugar: Carry Me
The raw emotion of Shannon’s vocal delivery exposes the bittersweet beauty of his lyrics, and might just have you hugging your loved-ones a little bit tighter tonight.

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