Our favorite artists for the 2nd week of December, 2019. Ron Pope, Alex Mali, Beach Bunny, More Than Ruins, Hazlett

Country Anthem to Self Acceptance. - Ron Pope: Habits
The sooner we get to figuring out who we are, and the sooner we can move beyond expectations and anxiety into a world of self-acceptance, the happier we are likely to be.
Blissful RnB from Brooklyn. - Alex Mali: Obviously (official music video)
This unforgettable mixture of rhythmic feels and soul-inspired authenticity is just what you needed to shut out the world for a few blissful minutes.
Complicated Indie Rock from Chicago. - Beach Bunny: Ms. California (music video)
If you are ready to throw away your fears and stop trying to be perfect, this fist-pumping indie-rock anthem has you covered.
Introspective Indie Pop from Berlin. - More Than Ruins: Black Lines
A promising debut from this German pop trio matches an elegant sense of introspection with the need for creative expression as a way of processing the world around us.
Heartfelt Indie Pop from Sweden. - Hazlett: Monsters
From his home at the top of the world, Hazlett delivers another stirring exploration of social mores, and the price we pay for self-discovery in an age of eroded personal privacy.

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