Our favorite artists for the 1st week of December, 2019. HOFFEY, YADAM, Emma McGrath, Otis Mensah, Janee

Wistful Electro Pop FFO Frank Ocean. - HOFFEY: Holiday
A relaxed and wistful sound that brings together a bouncy groove with the magic of true love. photo credit: @dalinphoto
Reflective Alt Pop from Paris. - YADAM: YADAM
YADAM’s sound is reflective, melodic, and inspired by the magical city of Paris in its role as a haven for unique, other-worldly expression. photo credit: Hector Abela
Bold Indie Pop from the UK. - Emma McGrath: Fall With You (music video)
With a bold chorus, a velvet-smooth lead vocal, and an imaginative lyrical style, the music of Emma McGrath will bring you to the catharsis you didn’t know you needed.
Ebullient Digi Funk from Belgium. - Janee x Lunis: Fall
An eclectic mix of modern influences and ebullient digi-funk from the inimitable mind of Janee.
Rap as a Force for Cultural Transformation. - Otis Mensah: Ted Talks (music video)
Sheds light on existential truths that all humans share: the need for artistic expression, the emotional space between vulnerability and aggression, and the quest for spiritual self-determination.

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