Top 10 Artists for November - Apple News

In top spots this month: Canadian singer-songwriter willolux, Portland-based indie-rock band Les Gold, Dutch folk-pop songwriter Lewin, and many others. photo credit: Ruvim Noga

Top 10 Artists for November - Apple News

So, last month we ran a top 8 for artists between Google search and Apple News. This month we are changing the format, and just doing a top 10 for viral Apple News 'reach,' because the Google search console rankings are not that interesting. Also, this way the scores match up, and over time we can have an apples-to-apples comparison about who is the most viral inside the black-box Apple News algorithm. I am excluding stories that do not focus on a specific artist: if this story was about an artist, it would be #1 - by a pretty large margin. :)

It is fun to run these kinds of numbers for Apple News because the spikes happen so quickly. Here is an example from the articles this month. The bulk of the impressions happen within the first 3 days of publication (see below). I mentioned this last month: when we run stats against the Apple News 'reach' scores, it allows for even end-of-month pieces to place in the top 10 - like Les Gold, who only got published yesterday.

the Apple News spike for a single article in November.

In 1st place, with a score of 195.9, we have Canadian singer-songwriter willolux, with her soothing folk-rock track Safe Spaces.

Folk Rock and Wistful Melody for Fans of Elliott Smith. - willolux: Safe Spaces
This music is equal parts easy introspection and hard-earned catharsis, and will leave you different than you were.

In 2nd place, with a score of 158.3, is Portland-based indie-rock band Les Gold, and their shimmering track No Time.

Introspective Indie Rock from Portland. - Les Gold: No Time
An introspective moment spent wondering where the line is between fantasy and memory as we make sense of our own complicated existence.

Next up, in 3rd place, scored at 150.7, is Dutch folk-pop songwriter Lewin, with her romantic exposé Don't You Dare.

Fresh Indie Folk-Pop from Amsterdam. - Lewin: Don’t You Dare (premiere)
A refreshing mix of emotional authenticity and beautiful folk-pop songcraft.

bülow, and her music video for Boys Will Be Boys, came in 4th place with a score of 77.4, and a message about staying true to ourselves.

Toronto Indie Pop Phenom. - bülow: Boys Will Be Boys (music video)
bülow continues to develop her lyrical signature around themes of early romance and the complications that come from making ourselves vulnerable.

In 5th place, with a score of 74.5, is billion-streamer Kiesza in a collab with Norwegian production-powerhouse Rat City, and their track Naked (With My Headphones On).

Sizzling Electro Pop. - Rat City x Kiesza: Naked (With My Headphones On) [Music Video]
Kiesza is back with a new creative fire and a personal commitment to putting love and vulnerability first.

In 6th place, with a score of 65.8, is Fortnite - Chapter 2 featured artist Konata Small, and his banging track Ruckus.

Hard Rock and Hip Hop Mashup Featured in Fortnite Chapter 2. - Konata Small: Ruckus
Ruckus has quickly catapulted Konata Small into the musical stratosphere, with gamers and sports-fans alike getting instantly hooked on this high-octane mash-up of hard rock and hip hop.

Coming in at number 7 with a score of 63.1, is my fave hip-hop track for the month, Dax and his spiritual contestation, Dear God.

Spiritual Hip Hop from Los Angeles. - Dax: Dear God (music video)
If a single song can dismantle centuries of religious hegemony, and serve as a soul-cry for countless generations of unheeded suffering, this is it.

At number 8, scored at 57.7, we have Dylan Rockoff, and his music video for Bad Haircut.

Indie Pop and Hip Hop from Nashville. - Dylan Rockoff: Bad Haircut (Music Video)
Joins a light sense of humor with a serious groove, and presents a satisfying hook for a worthy cause.

At number 9, with a score of 41.6, is promising young talent Margaux, and her cerebral directive Cave In.

Dynamic Indie Rock FFO Aimee Mann. - Margaux: Cave In
A refreshing combination of emotional self-scrutiny and effortless musicianship, mixed with a keen sense for melodic hooks and raw indie-rock mojo.

Coming in a number 10, with a score of 13.8, is soul-favorite Jordan MacKampa and his music video for Parachutes.

Indie Soul-Pop from the UK. - Jordan Mackampa: Parachutes (music video)
Delivers a masterpiece of romantic deconstruction, as we confront the realization that sometimes we must jump without knowing where to land.

If you want to be on this list, you just need to send us your song, and do what you can to get people to search for you. And then share the blog pieces from our Apple News channel within the first few days of getting featured.

See you next month.

Happy Holidays!


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