Top 10 Artists for December - Apple News

In top spots this month: New York EDM star JES, Australian Electro-Pop hottie MzUki, Ohio roots band Shannon Clark & the Sugar, and many others. Photo credit: Szabo Viktor

Top 10 Artists for December - Apple News

I thought December was going to be a slow month. Wrong! This turned out to be our best month ever on Apple News, by a factor of 3 from November: we went from roughly 4,000 monthly viewers to 12,000, and the scores for our top 10 were much higher than months previous, which goes to show that timing really matters when it comes to a monthly a ranking algorithm. Sometimes the competition is fierce, and other times, not so much. When we introduced this metric in October, the top score was 130. Today, our top artist for the month has a score of 965. That is how much the channel exposure for CHILLFILTR has grown. We had more than a quarter of a million headline impressions through the Apple News channel in December - and our audience is really diverse. I am very proud of the CHILLFILTR music exposure eco-system, and we already on track for even more growth in January. Huzzah.

For the new readers and listeners out there, I would like to revisit the way we do the scoring. It's a simple metric: score = CTR * Views * 10 (CTR = click through rate). So, as an example, JES and MzUki had very similar scores this month: MzUki had a slightly larger reach score - 44k vs 36k for JES - but they had close to the same number of views (close to 2,000 each), which put JES on top with a higher CTR. So that is how it works. Our recent channel metrics are very promising, as we continue to connect with music fans in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia (primarily).

In the top spot this month, with an impressive score of 965.2, is New York EDM star JES, with a heartfelt acoustic rendition of her Billboard hit Imagination.

A Vulnerable Moment with Billboard Dance Chart Hit Maker. - JES: Imagination (Acoustic Video)
“Imagination” presents JES in a moment that is at once her most vulnerable, and unsurprisingly, her most beautiful.

In 2nd place with a score of 824.5 that would have clinched the lead in any other month is Australian Electro-Pop hottie MzUki, with her message of embracing the unique parts of yourself in a sizzling music video for her song Unicorn.

Electro Pop from Australia Mixes Fantasy with Raw Femininity. - MzUki: Unicorn (Music Video)
At once both rhythmic and ethereal, “Unicorn” leaves the listener with no choice but to rejoice in the celebration of divine possibility.

Ohio roots band Shannon Clark & the Sugar brings in third place with a score of 592.6 for their gorgeous song Carry Me.

Heartfelt Americana from Ohio. - Shannon Clark & the Sugar: Carry Me
The raw emotion of Shannon’s vocal delivery exposes the bittersweet beauty of his lyrics, and might just have you hugging your loved-ones a little bit tighter tonight.

In 4th place with a score of 553.1 is Indiana songwriter and pop-rebel Lauren Sanderson, with a music video for her poignant track To the People I Hurt.

Poignant Electro Pop from Indiana. - Lauren Sanderson: To the People I Hurt (Music Video)
A poet in her own right, Sanderson shows us that art can be both tough and beautiful.

In 5th place, Let You Down is a folk-pop confessional from New York-based songwriter, photographer, and performer Harriet Manice, with a score of 311.5.

A Tribute to Self Love for Fans of Kelsea Ballerini. - Harriet Manice: Let You Down
Explores the difficult process of weighing personal ambition against the proclivities of love.

Young piano-master Anson Seabra, in 6th place, continues to connect to a large audience with his smooth croon and emotional honesty: the music video for his new track Trying My Best came in with a score of 293.9.

Indie Pop Catharsis of Unqualified Self Acceptance. - Anson Seabra: Trying My Best (Music Video)
Explores the symbolic exercise of speaking directly to our own anxious self with a voice of gentle acceptance.

Canadian Electro-Pop legend Zerbin landed in 7th place with a score of 242.1, and his retrospective and rhythmic track Twenty Nine.

A Powerful Mix of Electro Pop and Personal Catharsis. - Zerbin: Twenty Nine
A powerful mix of electro-pop and well-incubated personal catharsis adds depth to the sonic footprint of this prolific musical artist.

Emma McGrath dropped into 8th place with a fun music video for her bold pop track Fall With You, scored at 207.6.

Bold Indie Pop from the UK. - Emma McGrath: Fall With You (music video)
With a bold chorus, a velvet-smooth lead vocal, and an imaginative lyrical style, the music of Emma McGrath will bring you to the catharsis you didn’t know you needed.

Parisian indie-rockers Mad Trip rolled into 9th place with their infectious track Give Me a Try, and a score of 197.2.

High Energy Indie Rock from Paris. - Mad Trip: Give Me A Try
Paves the way for the ascendancy of Mad Trip’s infectious energy over the local rock scene in Paris and beyond.

In tenth place is London-based folk-phenom Mungo Parker, and his lyrical and emotional tour-de-force Grace, scored at 193.2.

Touching Indie Folk from London. - Mungo Parker: Grace
A sweet and fluid sense of lyricism, seasoned with hints of poetry and a halting arrangement that yields rich moments of introspective pause.

If you want to be on this list, you just need to send us your song, and do what you can to get people to search for you. Always remember to share the blog pieces from our Apple News channel within the first few days of getting featured. That's it! Thanks for reading.

See you next month.


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