You don’t hear a lot of Rhodes piano outside of the R&B space these days, so that is a welcome sound to the introduction, which quickly flowers into a full roots ensemble, joining a beautiful live drum sound with the accoutrements of a lush acoustic guitar, deep vocal harmonies, and eventually a horn section. Beyond the hallmarks of an elegant example of chamber pop, the quality and approachability of the lead vocal performance is exceptional, yielding comparisons to the effortless lyrical poise of Laura Marling.

With such a rich production value, one can be forgiven for getting a bit lost in the mix, with such memorable melody giving the listener a temptation to hang on to the notes just a bit as they go by. A full spectrum of orchestral sleight-of-hand is at work here, breathing the complex sound of horns and strings into the memories that inspire a relationship.

Deni Hlavinka, an introspective pianist from small town Virginia, posted a song idea on a college forum for accepted students. Chris West, a bright-eyed guitarist from Bermuda, sent back the song the following day in finished form. Upon meeting in person, they discovered their shared musical bond. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.