Hip-Hop. - The Brodcast: Good S'American (feat. Gabes Torres)

We need this message right now.

Hip-Hop. - The Brodcast: Good S'American (feat. Gabes Torres)

The best of Conscious Hip Hop extends the flavor of philosophy, of self-reflection, and of community-minded positivity, into a bouncy groove, and a hooky melody. Good S'American, the latest from The Brodcast, does that, and more, by adding the silky soul-informed vocals of Gabes Torres to the mix.

The lyrical density of this kind of rap-informed vocal delivery allows for much messaging, which is one of the strengths both of the genre and of this well-delivered song. It feels stuffed to the bursting point with nuggets about how to rally our strength in the service of the good.

“We all long for peace
but we’re short on belief
it’s hard to hold on to your dreams
it’s so easy to give up, get lost
and give away our power”— The Brodcast

This kind of gentle conversation about how we as individuals act and react within the rigid paradigm of our social strata is vital, and could not come at a better time.

We need this message right now.

This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.


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