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Classic Hip Hop from Chicago. - Tha Keepaz: 33 (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Rich Jacques - Joy Follows Like a Shadow That Never Leaves

Krister Axel

Inviting Folk Pop from Nashville. - Max Helgemo: Uncovered

Krister Axel

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Madison Songwriter Channels Unspeakable Tenderness with Indie Folk Debut. - Bright Arcana: Old Bones (feat. Anna Tivel)

This musical document traces the trajectory of grief itself, and the spiritual transformation that emerges from tragedy as a matter of necessity.…

Emerging Pop Soul Hitmaker Connects with Fans on TikTok. - Lillian Hepler: Baddie

That rare blend of talent, passion, and personal magic.…

Nashville Filipino Fuses Modern Country with RnB. - David Unlayao: Summer Like That

A sticky pop brew that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being young, free, and read for anything.…

Bittersweet Groove from Two of Electronic Music's Brightest Stars. - LLusion x Cautious Clay: Sad4good

Brings the distinctive vocal talent of Cautious Clay together with LLusion's keyboard wizardry, under the auspices of their collective talent as producers.…

Big Pop Hooks in Collab w Top EDM Producer. - BLAZAR x DAXSEN: Tomorrow

Delivers a slick, summertime vibe with big dance energy and a truly original lyric video that feels both fresh and colorful.…

Emerging Indie Star Makes Peace with Hardship in a Nod to 90s Alt Pop. - Qinn: Lemonade

A song about working around the limitations of circumstance, and finding the inner strength to make 'lemonade from lemons' when other options are not available.…