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Weekly Winner. - Introducing: Full Control? by Port Lucian

Krister Axel

Poignant Indie Folk from Young Reality Star. - Sawyer Fredericks: Born

Krister Axel
Indie RockUSA

Retro Synth Pop for Fans of Arcade Fire. - LOVVS: King City, Pt. 1

Krister Axel

Other news in USA

Throwback Soul from Living Legend is Produced by Dan Auerbach. - CeeLo Green: Lead Me

Features a double-dose of CeeLo's signature vocal flair, alongside a heartwarming message of friendship and loving support.…

Smooth Indie Rock from the San Fernando Valley. - Chatrooms: Palm Reader (Music Video)

Experience is the one thing you can't buy back, so you might as well take a few risks while you still can.…

Acoustic Ballad from Nashville Explores Emotional Isolation. - Josie Dunne: Lost (Music Video)

Leaves us all with something to learn about a modern landscape of conflicting priorities that so often leads to emotional paralysis.…

Laid Back Hip Hop Grooves Just in Time for Summer. - Ay Wing x Mark Battles x Shuko: Luv Lyve

If we appreciate the high moments with gratitude, and withstand the low points with humility, we just might grow into the cosmic wisdom that is our purpose. - artwork credit: trippiesteff…

CSN Folk Classic Revisited. - Tall Heights x Ryan Montbleau: Helplessly Hoping

All we can do is helplessly hope. We're alone and we're for each other.…

Groovy Retro Soul from Philadelphia. - Melvin Darrell x Samryebread: Grease Fire

As we prepare for the lazy days summer, this ode to personal zen strikes the perfect tone for an afternoon jam.…