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Edgy Indie Pop from Los Angeles. - Aaron Taos x Lonely God x Huron John - Control (Remix)

Krister Axel

Roots Flavored Americana and a Killer Banjo Solo. - Mike Mentz: Ain't That The Life

Krister Axel
SoulUSAMusic Video

Sexy RnB Grooves from Indie Pop Duo. - Color Fields: Animal

Krister Axel

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Chill Pop Hooks from this Spotify Wunderkind. - Khamari: The Heat

This exciting young music creator has found a sweet spot matching organic, chill vibes with pop hooks and infectious beats. - photo credit: Elissa Salas…

Upbeat Indie Pop from Northern California. - Leon in the Wild: You Can Leave a Mess in Here

This circular, pop-friendly introspection will have you cruising up highway 1, window down, chasing a pacific sunset into the forests of Mount Tamalpais.…

Ascendant Indie Pop from Los Angeles. - Christian French: make or break up

A laid-back, melodic exploration of the need for transparency and honest communication in any relationship.…

Fresh Dance Pop from American Idol Alumna. - Gianna Isabella: Feel the Same

Showcases a talent for melody and upbeat dance-pop vibes in a way that might remind you of Ariana Grande.…

Stunning Roots Pop Debut. - The Wonderful Nobodies: Hallelujah Anyhow

Delivers an easy mix of Americana and roots-pop, as these talented artists explore the contrasts of their collective existence.…

Award Winning Roots Pop from Toronto. - Donovan Woods: Clean Slate

A wistful roots-pop track that captures the early optimism of newfound love, and the innocent hope that things could be different this time around.…