Indie RockContestUK

Weekly Winner. - A Different Drum by Patrick Griffin

Krister Axel
Indie RockUSAUK

Indie Pop Collab Explores the Temptation of Friendship w Benefits. - Moby Rich x Bishop Briggs: friends*

Krister Axel
Hip HopUK

Existential Hip Hop from Sheffield in Collab with Future Islands. - Otis Mensah x Hemlock Ernst: Breath of Life

Krister Axel

Other news in UK

Controlled Indie Rock Chaos from Bristol for Fans of Radiohead & Garbage. - The Desert: Disappearing Act

Delivers a dark brew of nervous energy, visceral temptation, and bold intent.…

Stunning Folk Pop Duet Mixes Hope & Solitude. - The Coronas x Gabrielle Aplin: Lost in The Thick of It (Music Video)

This stunning folk-pop confessional mixes vulnerability with wistful regret, and finds a sense of beauty at the heart of solitude.…

Energetic Folk Pop for Fans of Fleet Foxes. - Callum Pitt: Out Of The Trees

Takes influence from Bon Iver, while adding a driving bass-line and energetic drum performance for a hook-drenched moment of raw expression that feels like an instant classic of brooding folk-pop. - photo credit: Daniel Stark…

Indie Pop Jam from Southampton for Fans of James Blake. - Cat Marina: Ex Friends + Bad Endings (Music Video)

The perfect soundtrack for picking yourself up and turning life into the experience you want it to be.…

Edgy Alternative Hip Hop from London. - GR3YWXLF: Villainy

As we run the gauntlet of life experience we are forced to make personal sacrifices; what we do with that hard-earned catharsis is up to us.…

Unforgettable Indie Folk from London. - Grace Gillespie: Goodbye

A roots-driven pop jam that features acoustic guitar, organic live drums, and a sense of poetic introspection that is delivered with confidence and restraint.…