Hip HopUK

Edgy Alternative Hip Hop from London. - GR3YWXLF: Villainy

Krister Axel
Folk PopUK

Unforgettable Indie Folk from London. - Grace Gillespie: Goodbye

Krister Axel
Folk PopRootsUK

Gorgeous Alt Folk from Brighton for Fans of Sufjan Stevens. - Night House: Blackberry Wood

Krister Axel

Other news in UK

Electronic Alt Pop from London for Fans of Radiohead. - Zola Blood: Silver Soul

In love, the end is also a beginning.…

Stunning Soul Pop from London. - Kelli-Leigh: Just For One Day (Official Music Video)

This anthemic moment of self-importance couples a laser-sharp instinct for commercial pop with the secret escape that we all deserve.…

Sultry RnB Slow Jam from South London. - James Vickery: Turn Me On

We explore the raw power of physical communion and a delicious moment of intimacy.…

Irresistible Indie Pop from the UK for Fans of The Cure. - Mumm-ra: Summer

Explores what would happen if The Cure and Franz Ferdinand decided to write an uptempo love song together.…

Emotional Avant Garde Pop from Guernsey. - Empara Mi: Shout

Resonates with a cathartic acceptance of how love can and does go wrong, while finding solace in the redemptive pain of heartbreak.…

Slick Indie Rock from Bristol, UK. - Make Friends: When Nothing's Said

Preserves the live-performance integrity of a 4-piece band while at the same time delivering big hooks and a polished sense of mystery.…