About 10% of our submissions come from the UK. I'm gonna keep this separate from the EU just to be on the safe side. #BREXITWTF

. Electronic

Electro Pop for fans of Björk. - The Luxury of Being Human: Stories

The strong commitment to a downtempo style of groove and an inspiring use of melody.
. Folk Pop

Nostalgic Folk Pop from Kent. - Katie Kittermaster: Sunday Afternoon

A soothing tribute to the easy spiritual connection that can exist between lovers.
. Indie Rock

Alt Rock from Leeds. - Listen to KOYO: Circles

A feel-good soundtrack for moments of pedestrian futility.
. Electronic

FFO Hozier. - Listen to Vorsen: Say All The Right Things

Lays bare a beautiful fury against the cold solitude of life.
. Indie Rock

Downfall - Mouth of Ghosts

A shimmering track that feels that feels suspended halfway between Enya and K.Flay.
. Roots

Preview this New Track from Wildwood Kin: Beauty In Your Brokenness

An acoustic lament on the difficulties of self-acceptance, which was inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi.
. Soul

Jordan Mackampa - Under (Music Video)

When you know, you know: love will have its way.
. Indie Rock

One Nine - Difficult Days

An ideal introduction to the sheer rock prowess of this arresting Scottish duo.
. Electronic

aboutagirl - KaMiKaZe

Joins an electronic groove with some funky flavor and a message about staying in the game.
. Hip Hop

KREPT & KONAN - I Spy ft. Headie One, K-Trap

Dropping some truth about what happens when you can have anything you want.
. Indie Rock

UK Indie Pop. - The Luxury of Being Human: Bring Summer Back

This melodic indie rock banger is ready to inject some excitement into the summer of your dreams.
. Electronic

Harrison - Infected

A hooky visitation with the temptation that won’t get out of your head.