Sexy Electro Pop from New York City and Los Angeles. - Icarus Moth x Wit Blu: Perfect Outfit

Krister Axel

Simmering Mix of RnB and Experimental Pop from Copenhagen. - Kinck: Emperor's New Clothes

Krister Axel

Poignant Folk Pop from Toronto’s Regent Park. - Mustafa: Stay Alive

Krister Axel

Other news in Soul

Classic Soul Vibes from Rochester. - Danielle Ponder: Poor Man's Pain

Every nuance, every note ending, is both artfully crafted and casually raw.…

Alternative RnB from San Francisco Explores Romance and Vulnerability. - Samica: Take Me Back

Further establishes Samica's credentials as a singer-songwriter with an alternative R&B edge and a voice to die for.…

Vibrant Indie Pop from Miami Explores Social Awkwardness. - The Hails - Situations

This polished mix of driving guitar harmonies, wistful melodies, and atmospheric color is a perfect soundtrack for finding personal space away from the crowd.…

Throwback Soul from Living Legend is Produced by Dan Auerbach. - CeeLo Green: Lead Me

Features a double-dose of CeeLo's signature vocal flair, alongside a heartwarming message of friendship and loving support.…

Disco Infused Indie Pop from Ohio for Fans of Tom Misch. - Clubhouse: Weekend

With a mix of hip hop and disco that might remind you of Tom Misch, Clubhouse delivers a summer bop that balances simplicity and groove.…

Groovy Retro Soul from Philadelphia. - Melvin Darrell x Samryebread: Grease Fire

As we prepare for the lazy days summer, this ode to personal zen strikes the perfect tone for an afternoon jam.…