Contemplative Electro Pop from Canada with Hints of Soul. - NIIVA: Love Games (Music Video)

Krister Axel

Modern Electronic Jazz Fusion from Germany. - Sepalot: Ride In Joy

Krister Axel

Stunning Soul Pop from London. - Kelli-Leigh: Just For One Day (Official Music Video)

Krister Axel

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Butter Smooth Indie Soul Pop from Paris. - Later. Presents Their New Single Highway 10

We all want a love connection, but when it starts feeling like hard work, the time has come to think it over.…

Lovestruck Pop Jam from Los Angeles. - Erik Frank: Paradise

Explores the concept that true love can change us forever, and when real romance finds us, we don't really have a choice.…

Bilingual Pop Groove from X Factor Alumna. - Lauren Jauregui: Lento (Live Performance) | Vevo

A tropical, stripped-down soul-ballad that invites us all to slow down for a moment and really listen to the rhythm of our hearts.…

Sultry RnB Slow Jam from South London. - James Vickery: Turn Me On

We explore the raw power of physical communion and a delicious moment of intimacy.…

Brass Band Neo Soul from Amsterdam. - Gallowstreet x LYMA: Sativa (Music Video)

This laid-back exploration of indie jazz and neo soul is perfect for a lazy afternoon of soul-searching.…

Fiery Electro Pop from Toronto Embraces Female Empowerment. - LU KALA: Body Knew

Redefining what it means to be a pop star, one infectious track at a time.…