A Roots Driven Catharsis of Connection to Nature. - Chicken Mama: Surrender

Krister Axel

Modern Ambient Fiddle Music from Michigan. - Laurel Premo: The Brushy Fork of John's Creek

Krister Axel

Sentimental Country Pop from Nashville. - Jennafer Lynsey: Click

Krister Axel

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Traditional Irish Folk Song in Honor of Those We Have Lost to Coronavirus. - Daoirí Farrell: The Parting Glass

A bittersweet commemoration of what has been lost, and a sobering acknowledgement of what will need to be done to rebuild our shattered world.…

Indie Rock Meets Blues in a Testament to Life on the Road. - I am Korny: Sleep Ain't Paying My Dues

These are songs of itinerant spirituality, of voodoo blessings, and gritty timelessness.…

Acoustic Folk Exposes Raw Emotion and Hard Won Catharsis. - Suzy Callahan: Not Exactly Sad

Left with unresolved feelings and unanswered questions, Callahan forges her own sense of closure from the memories that she has chosen to keep.…

Timeless Love Song Taps the Roots of Americana. - Misty River: Take This Dance [Live from Under The Apple Tree Studios]

A timeless example of why love is always worth fighting for.…

Poignant Folk Pop from Toronto’s Regent Park. - Mustafa: Stay Alive

Modern life was not meant to be a never-ending fight for survival. Yet, here we are.…

Soulful Country Folk from Montreal. - Mike McKenna Jr: High Ground

Outlines the mental process of taking a moment to observe a thunderstorm, and in a larger sense, the redemptive value of self-reflection.…