Roots rock is rock music that looks back to rock’s origins in folk, blues and country music. It is particularly associated with the creation of hybrid subgenres from the later 1960s including country rock and Southern rock, which have been seen as responses to the perceived excesses of dominant psychedelic and developing progressive rock. Roots rock is sometimes used in a broad sense to describe any rock music that incorporates elements of this music, because of the ties to Folk and Americana.

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World Pop with Roots in Mali. - Awa Mangara: Yala Yala (Official video)

Explores both the physical rapture of movement as well as the magic of a perfect union.
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Roots Anthem for Feminism in Honor of Christine Blasey Ford. - May Erlewine: Whole Again

Lifts the image of Ford's heroic testimony towards the light of collective connection and the solidarity that comes from standing together for what is right.
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Indie Folk Pop from Vancouver. - Sam Lynch: Darkest Places (Live Music Video)

Sam Lynch delivers her warm soprano on a bed of crunchy electric guitar with equal parts vintage elegance and folk-inspired, emotional honesty.
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High Energy Country Rock. - Jerry Jacobs: Kinda Carolina

A high-energy anthem for the country girl in your life that feels like home.
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Lap-Steel Magic and Americana FFO Brent Cobb. - Brendan Willing James: Curveball

Life is beautiful, even when we are lost.
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Folk Pop & Americana from the Netherlands. - Listen to Judy Blank: 1995

For so many songwriters around the world, all it takes is a little taste of Loretta Lynn, or June Carter Cash, or Bill Monroe, to fall in love with that Southern lilt.
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Roots Rock from Canada. - Leeroy Stagger: Hey Hey! (Song For Gord)

Leeroy Stagger presents the road-wisdom he's pulled from a lifetime of struggling towards the light.
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Just a Bunch of Musicians, Making Music. - A Few Days in Eau Claire with Shane Leonard

Shane plays drums, and together they create a sort of roots dream-team ensemble, ready to back any songwriter with a song or group of songs ready to go.
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Chris Diller - Amen to That

Diller writes about appreciating the precious moments and slowing the hands of time.
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A Trip to Austin to perform at Austin City Limits and Willie Nelson's Ranch

A big shout-out to my buddy Shawn Pander, who called me up to sit in on his ACL gig because his main keyboard guy was in Italy.
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Indie Pop from Canada. - Neon Dreams: Life Without Fantasies

That sense of adventure that comes from being open to a life without expectation.
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Roots and Reggae from CHILLFILTR® Music Blogger Krister Axel: Easy

This roots & reggae track features a core groove on electric bass, cajon, and acoustic guitar.