Roots rock is rock music that looks back to rock’s origins in folk, blues and country music. It is particularly associated with the creation of hybrid subgenres from the later 1960s including country rock and Southern rock, which have been seen as responses to the perceived excesses of dominant psychedelic and developing progressive rock. Roots rock is sometimes used in a broad sense to describe any rock music that incorporates elements of this music, because of the ties to Folk and Americana.

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Season 8 Winner of the Voice. - Sawyer Fredericks: Turning the Shoulder (Live on Windrake Farm)

It is no secret that the energy from #TeamSawyer is unstoppable. photo credit: holly tutor photography
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Indie Rock from Australia. - Tia Gostelow: Get To It

A wistful look back at life, as we look for which memories are worth keeping.
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John Prine Signs First Act in Years. - Listen to Kelsey Waldon: Anyhow

Gives cover for anyone choosing to go their own way - this song is about you.
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Preview this New Track from Wildwood Kin: Beauty In Your Brokenness

An acoustic lament on the difficulties of self-acceptance, which was inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi.
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JC Stewart - Bones

Just a young man's voice and 6 steel strings, making sense from the pain of heartbreak.
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Kathryn Hallberg - Some Dreams

A deep dive into the science of regret, and a long walk through the wistful corridors of what could have been. photo credit: Libby Danforth
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The Ruralists - Your Bones Get Old

A statement about the true value of life, and a reminder that even infinite possibility doesn't last forever.
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Boo Riley - Boo Riley

Fuses an electric sense of energy with an uplifting self-talk about rising to the moments of opportunity.
. Instrumental

Ryan Whyman - Nocturne

All is not lost, says Nocturne, if we can still dream of better things.
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Neon Dreams - We Were Kings

The story of a tough childhood and the redemptive power of maternal love.
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VanRiss - The River

An easy combination of dreamy folk, melody, and introspection that might remind you of a cross between Matthew Mole and Eastmountainsouth.
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And the World Smiles Back at Them. - American Authors: Before I Go

An emotional paean to the love of your life.