Traditional Irish Folk Song in Honor of Those We Have Lost to Coronavirus. - Daoirí Farrell: The Parting Glass

Krister Axel
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Indie Rock Meets Blues in a Testament to Life on the Road. - I am Korny: Sleep Ain't Paying My Dues

Krister Axel

Acoustic Folk Exposes Raw Emotion and Hard Won Catharsis. - Suzy Callahan: Not Exactly Sad

Krister Axel

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Timeless Love Song Taps the Roots of Americana. - Misty River: Take This Dance [Live from Under The Apple Tree Studios]

A timeless example of why love is always worth fighting for.…

Poignant Folk Pop from Toronto’s Regent Park. - Mustafa: Stay Alive

Modern life was not meant to be a never-ending fight for survival. Yet, here we are.…

Soulful Country Folk from Montreal. - Mike McKenna Jr: High Ground

Outlines the mental process of taking a moment to observe a thunderstorm, and in a larger sense, the redemptive value of self-reflection.…

Weekly Winner. - Introducing: California Sunshine by Michael Cunningham

An indie-pop gem that mixes elements of country, folk, and classic rock.…

Poignant Indie Folk from Young Reality Star. - Sawyer Fredericks: Born

A poignant and emotional ballad about the contradictions inherent to finding love and lasting companionship. - artwork by @_ninapfeiffer…

CSN Folk Classic Revisited. - Tall Heights x Ryan Montbleau: Helplessly Hoping

All we can do is helplessly hope. We're alone and we're for each other.…