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Krister Axel

The First Season of Indie Music on Tap.

Krister Axel

Kindness is the Glue. - Indie Music On Tap: S2E6

Krister Axel

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Be Your Own Leader. - Indie Music On Tap: S2E5

Today we are talking about how people get stuck, the importance of finding your own leadership, and how the way we define success for ourselves is everything.…

Your Sadness is Power & Self-Honesty is Always First. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E4

It's real. You are right to feel that way. Right now, nothing is normal.…

All the important messages are the quietest. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E3

Dan is a middle child, who was always rebellious and found his voice as a sibling by pivoting away from the domineering first child, and the happy-go-lucky last child, as a sullen and precocious artist. That was the academic path Dan chose for himself: art.…

New Beginnings. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E2

Wherein we discuss the importance of finding personal stillness.…

Depression, Introduced. - Indie Music on Tap: S2E1

Architects vs Gardeners, The Myth of Fully Automatic, and Multi-Classing. Why Are We Depressed, & What Do We Need To Let Go Of?…